I am an anorexic and have been my whole life. When I was born my mother had problems feeding me and after a month I hadn’t regained my birth weight (which is supposed to be regained within the first week of being born). After that I lived solely off banana’s for a year and solely off cheese for another year. I never ate much food but when I was eight another kid told me I had fat legs and I began starving myself, this lasted for about 8 years. During this time I developed depression which turned into bipolar disorder. I am now seeking help for it but this diary is in the hopes that another person who has a similar or the same problem will be helped by it, or that it will helped someone with an anorexic loved one understand it and just generally to raise awareness as mental illnesses are never easy to discuss are are often kept secret.

Here begins the anorexia diary.


The Anorexia Diary