So you remember as a kid watching old Disney movies? And thinking back the morals they had? The parents just wanted the best for their children, children respect parents, they look for their one true love, they have a lovely white wedding and live happily ever after. Well Disney seems to have decided to keep the morals exclusively for films and disregard any of it on their channel.
When I was down visiting my partner’s family with him they were having trouble with their eight year old daughter who wasn’t respecting them, demanded more and more clothes and refused to behave. We couldn’t work it out until we were watching the Disney channel.
The children strut around with the parents being represented as stupid, the girls are obsessed with fashion and which boy they’re going to date next and take the mickey of each other. Rather than encouraging girls to be successful they had one mini episode where there was a boy and a girl fighting it out to be head of year, to win they start off saying their policies, then just go into general insults she says she likes him, they go off screen and he comes back covered in red lipstick kisses and says to vote for her…what is this teaching young girls??? Even my partner who enjoys a sexist joke as much as the next man was shocked and said it was too far.
The kids disrespecting their parents is ridiculous. They take the mickey and make it look like the children are more intelligent than the adults, which meant my partner’s little sister would turn around and gob off her parents hecause that’s what she’d been watching for the last hour.
The girls always talk about partying, being famous and clothes…what is that encouraging them to grow up to be? A wag? Great.
Because of this his sister see’s school as a chance to make her boyfriend ‘love her’ even more and wanted clothes despite her parents being in financial trouble. They can’t give them to their daughter so she screamed in the middle of a shop.
You could say it was down to bad parenting, but how can you teach an eight year old girl when everything you say is being undone by the tv?
One episode a relationship broke up, and within ten minutes she had a new boyfriend and said

“i don’t mind [about having to play in a band with her ex] I’ve got a new one[boyfriend] now” which just oozes morality.
These programmes are aimed at kids her age. And all they’re teaching her is to misbehave. Me and my partner suggested they block the channel and four months later she’s like a new girl. She occasionally has a slip up but all children do, she did as her mum said, she was polite and respectful and it was amazing to see.
So the point of this is; keep an eye on what your children are watching and what it is teaching them. It’s all harmless good fun but young children mimick what they see. So if a tv character is rebellious…the child will be.
So just keep watch for it…