When you’re bored at work here is what I do to lift the blues:

I look at people’s ‘computer faces’

This is the face people pull sub-consciously when staring at a computer screen, and even the most basic can be amusing

This can be applied to any situation, if you are in a library look at people ‘reading face’, look at how people walk…just find something simple to amuse yourself and relish in it.

(If you’re feeling especially naughty look at an amusing face and pretend it’s their ‘sex face’ – the hilarity is unending 🙂 )

Here is a list of faces to start you off:

The 'blatently not actually doing any work' face, or I wander what you just googled ;p

'On a mission' face-a storyline can be added to this one 🙂

'Stroking invisible beard' face

The 'I'm so engrossed I haven't realized the book is eating my face' face

The 'Trying to read something intellectual but not understanding a word of it' face

All this needs is a lamppost to pop up in front of her...