Although we consider ourselves higher, more intelligent beings, we are really just animals with a conscience. Scientifically the specification is:

  • Animals can’t make their own food – (as in like plants do), and as we are not plants, we fit this
  • We digest our food
  • Many animals move from place to place to find food, mates, a better place to live or to escape enemies. If they can’t move or they move slowly, they will have adaptations that let them take care of these needs – we move from home to start our own family, to find jobs to get more money so we can eat and live better and show off to potential mates, or to escape a family fued etc
  • Animals have many cells – our skin is made of cells
  • Animal cells are eukaryotic (they each have a nucleus and organelles surrounded by membranes) – our skin cells are made up like this
  • Body symmetry (the way body parts are arranged around a point or central axis) arguably our spine or center of gravity
  • Directions on the body (used to describe areas on the body of an animal) – our head is our top surface, our back (or bottom) is our hind end, our feet our our bottom surface and the front of our body is  our front end.
  • Pattern of body development (a sequence of developmental steps) – baby to child to teenager to adult.
  • Formation of germ layers (layers of specialized cells in the early development) – foetus’ and embryo’s.

This may seem a pretty obvious observation, but it’s quite intersting when actually applied to our daily lives, so when you’re sitting at work, walking down the street or just procrastinating, it makes the world around you and life quite interesting (not that it isn’t anyway but a new look on things is always refreshing and interesting).

We spend ages looking for love, fantasizing about it and there are countless films and books about it, but in a more primal perspective, this is our desire to find a mate to reproduce with and continue our species. Some scientists believe we look for mates who are as different to us as possible to expand our gene pool. I am a fair skinned red head and my partner is tanned with dark hair. This may not seem so obvious for most couples or tastes, but if you look hard enough, I expect you could find this is true.

We are go through years of school which is the elders of our pack teaching us and preparing us for the wider world, like birds do when they teach their chicks to fly,or when lions teach their cubs to hunt.

We make ourselves attractive (physically and in personality) which is a primal ‘plumage’ as we are advertising ourselves to the opposite sex and showing our prowess over other ‘rivals’ of the same sex.

We aim high to earn more, this allows us to live better (improving our nest) eat better (better feeding ground) dress better (plumage) and do more (learning, animals learn through doing). We seek more friends (better pack as we are pack animals, even undiscovered tribes still live together), we move to a better place for us (better ground) and this all allows us to fulfill our basic instincts of eat, drink, survive and mate. It’s a bit blunt but it’s simple and probably very true.

Yes, scientists have been telling us for years we are animals and I know I’m not spouting anything new. I’m just saying, next time you are bored at work or just walking down the street, think about what you and others around you are doing, and see how it relates to this theory. Suddenly our high and mighty proceedings just seem a more dressed up primal instinct, I found it fascinating to watch, and maybe you will too.