When I was younger I lived my life by these principles:

1) Guys only like you if you’re popular

2) You have to be perfect ALL the time

3) Money is the be all and end all

4)Being famous is very important, the more famous the better

5)You need to put yourself over others and never let anyone come between you and what you want, even a lover can’t

6)Using people to get better at a goal and learn lessons is acceptable

This was until I met  my partner. He loves me as the outcast I am, he doesn’t care if my legs aren’t always silky smooth, if my hair isn’t perfect, if I make a fool of myself. Money doesn’t make the world go round, love does(both relationship, friendship and family love). Privacy is underrated, you can’t deal with a problem if everyone is talking about it, you need your private space to live, breath and grow – me and my partner have been through some tough times and if everyone was involved we would never have got through them with all the different opinions being forced upon us. You need to COMPROMISE, you are just as important as the other person, and since I’ve been in the relationship with my partner I’ve realized everything I had wanted wasn’t really what I wanted, and it’s more fun to get from A to B with someone rather than alone. Using people is one of the worst things you can do, I would hate to be used, so I should NEVER do it to anyone else, it’s selfish and ignorant of the other persons feelings.

So here are my new morals:

1) When things get hard, never give up

2)Never let go of those closest to you and who love you

3)Love is the be all and end all

4)Never deny who you are, if people don’t like you f*** them

5)Never settle for less than the best…you are worth every ounce of it


What do you live your life by?