An Open Letter to Someone Else

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi, my name is Steve and I sell The Big Issue in Bath. Every week I meet people who say they would like to buy one. They nearly all say, “Don’t worry I am sure someone else will be along to buy one.” Well. it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone else.

I say this to someone else: I know that, being as famous as you obviously are, means that you are really busy. But to be honest, for the last couple of months, how can I put this…well, you have been on a bit slack. Because if I had to rely on you recently, I would have starved to death.

Luckily there are still a few people who do buy The Big Issue on a regular basis, and I and all the other vendors really appreciate them. But so many people are leaving things to someone else and it’s not just The Big Issue, but other charities and needy causes that need help.

So someone else, please, the next time you are on the TV or radio or however you contact your fans, please could you ask them not to be reliant on you all the time. Ask them to buy a copy of The Big Issue until you can get round to buying an issue from me yourself.

Thank you very much

Steve 023 Bath

P.S. What exactly did you do to become so famous? Because I have tried to find out, but there seems to be no information about you, or what you do, anywhere.