Whether you have or haven’t seen the London tubes, they’re long tiled tunnels with thick musty air and a lot of people rushing around in a confined space, at night they’re just lonely and cold.

But coming back through them as we turned a corner and went down the escalator, music could be heard getting closer. It was soft, otherworldly and as she came into view a woman stood at the bottom of the escalator with just a guitar and microphone. Just one woman singing about her life and sharing her talents with strangers. Her sound made the tunnels less oppressing and everything seem calmer, she stood in the face of rejection, cold and fatigue and sung her heart out. She probably did this night after night, but she still put on a performance that made a difference to a weary traveller.

Music can bring you up, meet you when you’re down, reflect you or oppose you, but it is everlasting and powerful. You can hide behind it or use it to express you. It’s yours and its for everyone.