This phrase has been heard so many times in love stories, but this post isn’t about love. It’s about problems.

One thing I do have at the moment is a problem. I let my problem consume me. I started out by slowing down to try and help myself, I thought to myself  ‘My problem is too big for me to keep going like I have been so I’ll slow down’. But before long I was so busy looking after myself I forgot to look after others. I’m notorious among my friends and family for being someone to turn to no matter what, they relied on me, and I wasn’t there any more. I didn’t listen, I didn’t want to help because my problem was bigger than theirs. My biggest problem turned out to be myself.

So this post is about keeping things in perspective. If you have a problem, look at how it can be solved, yes the answer isn’t always simple but nothing really is.

Help others. Helping others has been scientifically proven to make us feel better.

Is that nagging situation really that bad? Or are you over doing it? My other half has a problem balancing work and school, it was a problem that had been nagging me non stop, until i realized we had solved it, and now I was just being possessive because I wanted him here. He made me happy and I didn’t realize my possessive behavior was driving me insane. So I let go and it was easier, I returned to looking forward till I see him next rather than missing him.

So next time you’re problems are consuming your life, step back and ask yourself what is actually consuming your life? The problem, or your reaction to it?