Some people believe you can never have enough, and that the only thing standing in your way is you.

Sometimes this is right.

Sometimes this is wrong.

When it’s right you can keep going forever, you can complete things at breakneck speeds to the best of your ability, and it feels great. But when things are bad, you can’t do either of these.

I’m a workaholic and I never switch off, I keep going till the job is done and I’m always looking for improvement. I don’t step back when something is finished, congratulate myself and take a while to remenise on my achievement. I look at what can be improved and move on, there’s always more to be done/doing and I want to move on, I run around like a maniac.

But then along came illness. Exams have kicked off a massive spout of anxiety and bipolar depression. I am exhausted, slowed down, uninspired but still trying to work like I did before, and when just getting up in the morning is a challenge, trying to work at break neck speeds is not going to work.

So maybe this post should have been titled; Looking After Yourself, because essensially that’s what it is about; knowing your limits and sticking within them.

We all have limits, we can push them, but sometimes it’s best just to let them be.