With exams coming up soon, I began to panic, how am I going to get everything finished? Since I take four coursework subjects, I have a lot of homework, but how can I get it done with so little time left?

I was talking to a friend of mine about this and she told me about the ants. You see their nests which are these amazing structures they have built all by themselves with each ant bringing one piece of mud or sand, that piece of dirt is all they worry about, not the overall structure, just that one piece of dirt – which is often bigger than them. They focus on that dirt until it’s in place, then they worry about the next piece and gradually the hill comes together until it’s finished.

What my friend was saying was that when a task seems impossible, focus on the stage you are working on at that moment rather than the bigger picture, because although we are always told to look at the bigger picture, sometimes it’s just best  to scale it down and look at the smaller pieces that make it up.

So next time your stressed, calm down and focus on the smaller sections, because by focusing on them, the bigger picture will shape up and come together.