We hear lots of quotes about living everyday like it’s your last and looking back with no regrets, but putting this this into practice is a lot harder, what is it like to live the last day of your life? There’s only so much you can do in a day, and what makes a good day for one person doesn’t apply to another, for one person it may be getting a workload done, but for someone else it might be doing no work at all.

A few weeks ago I had had a fantastic day, one of those days that comes once  in a while and shines out like a beacon, and for some reason as I was drifting off to sleep I thought “If I died today I would die happy”. I don’t really know why I thought it, but since then every night I ask myself “if I died tonight, would I die happy?” and everyday I aim to answer it with yes. This way I take each day as it comes and it’s quite a nice way to fall asleep. by reflecting on the day gone by. I also find it a way of noticing the small things in my life that make the difference and make the day good, a joke with a friend, the weather, these small things often get lost in our busy lives, but by slowing down it is easier to see them all.

So tonight as you drift off, how would you answer the question? If the answer is yes, aim to make tomorrow the same answer, if the answer is no, look at what went wrong and aim to have tomorrow as a positive rather than a negative.

So, if you died tonight, would you die happy?