When my family heard I had depression they were  devastated.

I was asked why I was depressed (I don’t know, I just am), and told that life is too short to be depressed. Life is too short to be depressed, but life is about experience, and if we avoid certain experiences then we are missing out.

I doubt anyone gets up in the morning wanting the day to end with a mental breakdown and this is not where I’m going with this post, but what I am saying is that it is OK to be down. Machines feel nothing, but as complex human beings we can feel everything and anything, and we should, it is our right. We spend our lives in pursuit of happiness, but if we had never felt sad, then how would we know what we’re looking for? We need to feel sad to really enjoy and relish the highs.

When my uncle who lives in Australia heard he gave me this advice:

When you feel the sways of depression coming on, you will withdraw from people, but that in itself is not a bad thing, why do we have to be cheerful and accessible to everyone all the time?

When people say she’s in a mood their right, a mood can be anywhere on the scale from suicide to total elation, a mood is where we are, and on what part of the scale. And all that controls how much we engage with other people

Most people I have heard of who have a life time of depression bouts, when asked if they had the opportunity to free themselves of depression and be totally happy all the time, every one of them said they would rather have the black dog in their live. It can enhance your life especially in thoughts and music.

I personally love my music, I play some artists to some people as I’m so excited at what I have discovered, and the response I get is that i’s depressing and why would you want to listen to that. So I have gained a whole emotion that they are missing out on, it must be happy music for them they cannot have dark thoughts, life has to have an even keel for them.

But you always have got to take note of how your mood impacts and affects those people around you. If you’re moody too much of the time you will isolate yourself, friends only have patience for so long, The friendships you get where you accept each other whatever the mood or whatever they have done are exceptional and very hard to find…and don’t be afraid to experience anything.

Sometimes we need to feel down, just a small amount of time where we step off our pedestal and sit alone with ourselves for a while, this doesn’t have to be a unpleasant experience, when you withdraw you feel wrapped in your own cloak, it’s warm and safe, but don’t stay for too long or the world will begin to withdraw from you.

So my advice is to take each emotion as it comes and see what you can learn from it, you see people in a different light when you’re in a different mood, see what you can learn about the world, your peers and yourself and as my uncle said: “…don’t be afraid to experience anything.”