In a recent post I posted the life story of a woman much higher than me, today she told us another story, I do not know who it belongs to, no copyright intended;

At the end of a year the teacher decided to honor each one of her graduates and tell them what a difference they had made to the class. She brought each one of her students to the front of the class and told them how much they meant, presenting them with a ribbon that said ‘you are very important’. She noticed a change in the class and began to wander how this could make a difference in the local community, so she got the class together for a project. Each person was presented with three ribbons and told to pass them on.

One boy really took to the project and went to a local business firm and gave one to a new employee who had helped him with his business plans and asked him to give one to some one and to give the person the other one to pass on. The employee worked for a man who was renown for being strict and scary, but he sat him down in his office and told him he admired him and thought he was a creative genius, when he asked if he could pin the ribbon on him, to his surprise he said yes, so he pinned it above his boss’ heart and asked him to pass on the third ribbon.

That night the boss went home and told his son all about the employee saying ‘He thinks I’m a creative genius-imagine that!’. He then told his son how much he loved him, the boy broke down and began to sob and sob and sob, his shoulders shook with emotion. He then turned to his father and told him ‘There’s a letter upstairs for you asking you to forgive me because tonight when I was asleep I was going to kill myself because I thought you didn’t care about me’.

The boss went upstairs and found the letter which was simply addressed; ‘Mum and Dad’, the letter was filled with hurt and anguish.

After telling us this she said to us;

This made me think, if one small act of kindness passed on can save a life, imagine what you can do. Pass on the love today, if you pass on three acts of kindness, and they do the same, so much happiness could be passed on.