A while ago I posted a link to a video on the extreme Illuminati symbolism in Lady Gaga’s video’s. Whether you love her or hate her, it made me think – whose controlling who? Whose at the top of the chain? Whose shaping the world around us?

The Illuminati are a secret society that are believed to control the government and royalty around the world. Being a a secret society they are obviously unheard of, which means they wouldn’t be found in the media as responsible for the actions of the government. But who is the power behind the wheels? Like on a car, you can’t see what makes it move, but know it’s there. The government outline the plans, and carry them out, but who drives them to that decision? Them or someone else?

What if everything we know is planned and executed perfectly by the Illuminati? Maybe their not so fictitious…and if they are fake, why are they on the American dollar bill? A reminder to the world that they control the biggest power house of them all? An eye above a pyramid…surely it should be something more cultural to America than an Egyptian pyramid?

Next time your out in town, or just walking down the road,  look around you and think; who brought this to be? It’s a scary thought that maybe everything we have and use has been planned and introduced by a group of people we will never see or meet, and that most people will never even hear of.