Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about society and it’s vicious circle of lies. They say you should go to house parties, and get drunk, and sleep around and spend all your money on rubbish, but when you do, they call you a failure and say that because of people like you the world is turning upside down.

I know you may not be religious, but since religion has left the pedestal of our society, everything seems to have gone down hill a bit. Granted religion slipped because people questioned whether there is a God(s)  after the two world wars, understandably with the massive loss of life don’t you think? And granted the religion back then was much stricter, you followed the Bible to the letter  and if you didn’t you would go to hell. A bit extreme.

But look at the world today.

Yes, there is a good life to be lead by each one of us if we choose to lead it, but there’s an underlying current of emptiness. Somethings missing and we can’t put our finger on it. The best thing to do would be is to scrap the laws and start again, since every move those in power make seems to only make things worse. But although this would give us a clean slate to work with, and years of experience to help us make better decisions, do we wan’t to change? To make that kind of change would mean everybody would have to team up together, and with all the hate in the world-can we do that? And the period of no laws could be like treading on eggshells with everyone balancing on the edge, or a period of riots and social collapse. Neither sound particularly appealing.

Recently I have been studying Lady Gaga in media studies and her personae. Looking at her today, I realized she is everything the media says a woman should be, obsessed with fashion and couture, making a statement, a sex symbol and unafraid of sex. But now the media have what they asked for, they don’t want it. They are repulsed by there own creation. A film I recently watched called Dorian Gray had the same principle. I wouldn’t recommend it, but the same idea was there. Dorian Gray, an innocent, decent young gentleman, arrives in London and is quickly befriended by Lord Henry Wotton, who corrupts him and turns him into “everything he wanted but was too afraid to be”. And as with Gaga, Wotton is repulsed by Gray.

This proves you can’t beat the machine. The machine will never let you live without it’s criticism of you. Nothing is perfect under it’s eye, and the more you try to please it, the less chance you have. And the machine, being a machine, feels nothing for you, or your heartbreak, or your efforts. It is a machine, it doesn’t understand. But then, the machine is the least perfect of all things, and it knows this, therefore it strives to hide it’s  repulsive face by pointing out your failings to make it look better and less repulsive.

You can’t beat the machine, but don’t let it beat you either. Beauty is only skin deep-but what lies beneath? Something ugly and contorted and the Machine would have us believe? Or something more than beautiful that it can never have?

Interpret this how you like, but remember one thing;

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything