A while ago I decided that I was messed up, that there was something wrong with me, that I should change to be like everyone. So I wore what other people wore, I spoke like other people spoke and did what everyone else did, I hid away behind everyone else’s mask.
I suppressed myself. I wasn’t happy. My depression got worse, I ended up hating the world and loving myself. But it was like putting a bomb in a cardboard box. In the end I got so sick and tired of myself I went back to my old ways.
I dressed like me, how I felt, how I wanted without a care for what anyone else thought. I got back into art and philosophy, and went searching for a deeper meaning than a man to pass the time. Times changed and people left my life. Suddenly no one cared I was different, no one cared I was me and just took me as I am. Turns out I was one of many who fall into the trap of trying to find themselves in other peoples lives.
You can’t suppress what was built into you in the womb, it’s like trying to stop the sun rising. Eventually it’s going to come back no matter what you do, no matter what they say you are you. You are the only one with your blend of loves, hates, talents and pitfalls. So why try and be them when you could be you?

It's like putting a bomb in a cardboard box