Listening to this song made me think about all the moments we miss in our lives. We only have about 70-90 years on this planet in this life/form depending on what you believe in, which ultimately is not much compared with all eternity. Think of all the people that have come before and will come after you. One life is just a drop in the ocean. But it’s our drop. It’s our life to do with what we will.

We all know we’re going to die. It’s unavoidable. But have you actually really thought about your own mortality? The fact that one day the light will vanish from your eyes and your heart will slow to a standstill, and your life will be done. All that you have done is done and all that you were planning to do is left unfinished. We humans love order, but we leave a lot of mess.

But in that mess is us. With our emotions and feelings and loves and hates and wants and desires. Mortality aside we are very complex beings. Have you ever tried to comprehend how complex and fantastic the human race is? How the release of one chemical can give us total ecstasy, but the imbalance of others can send us into the deepest depths of depression? We are very chemical beings, and yet our actual chemical worth is very slight.

So where is this ultimately going? Basically what i’m getting at is that we miss so much. Think back to your childhood. Remember that person you had a crush on. Remember the feelings they evoked in you, remember that longing to be with them, but the uncertainty of the fateful meeting? Did you go over, or do you know laugh at your childish fears? Or do you still regret it? Maybe you even feel it now. But what i’m saying is not to let them slide away, not to ignore your feelings. What you feel is unique to you, you are the only one that’s going to feel that mix of those emotions for that person in all eternity.

We have our time, so use it. I see so many people everyday that just let it slide by, spend hours just dreaming, ‘wishing their life away’ as it were. Well since you have that wish, act on it. Unfortunately we don’t have a fairy godmother that can abracadabra us into a wonderful life. We, ourselves, are the closest thing to a fairy godmother in our lives. Make your wish come true today.

While watching a music video on YouTube the other day, someone had left a comment saying how they had been inspired  to go and talk to the girl they had had their eye on for a while. I offer you (and him) the greatest well wishes for your wishes and I sincerely hope they come true for you and you spend your time wisely, enjoying every moment.

But for now, I leave you with this;

Why do we like what we don’t do, but not like what we have done?