I was thinking this morning, how we rush around, and don’t actually stop to look at what is around us.

For example, when your walking into work or school on a sunny day, you think “Good it’s sunny” at the beginning of the day, and that’s it. You never take time to enjoy the sun, to marvel at it’s brightness, it’s uplifting qualities or it’s feel on your skin-which really is enjoyable. So this post is just to say, take you time and enjoy your senses, see if you can use and process and enjoy them all at the same time.

Of course, sun is easy to enjoy. How about a rainy, windy day when your cold and your wet and miserable? Turn it around and learn something. Listen to the sound of the wind, feel it’s force on your face, marvel at how something invisible can be so strong. Feel the rain on your face, feel it waking you up, the stabbing sensation working out old creases. The chill of the water refreshing your body; it’s cold, but what else is it? Is it really unpleasant? Or could it be something else? If it really is, challenge yourself to find the goodness in it.

We only have so much time alive, enjoy it.